Telling Our Stories

We have retained the tradition of extolling, “Let the story fires be lighted, come, form the Sacred Circle together, sit upon the Earth and feel her heart beat as the pulse of our history is kept alive in The Telling.” Traditionally, youths were chosen for their ability to remember the stories they heard. Long were the oral accounts of our history that were imparted and entrusted to them for safe keeping. Keeping meant sharing and recounting the stories of our ancestors for all who would listen. Our story is that important.         
We have not been silent in our trials; we have not quieted our minds to the stories of our ancestors. In fact, we have been telling the stories for thousands of years. Our sadness comes when people will not or cannot hear it. Our legacy is alive! Our story lives because it lives in us. Our story is part of us; it is inherent in our spirits from birth. Telling the story insures that the innate knowledge of whom we are comes to fruition in the minds of our children who feel it but will not understand it until the story is told to them. The telling brings our ancestry alive in their minds to be considered for its depth, beauty, and meaning.

We are our story and our story is us. We are a part of one another and like the instincts in our oldest friend the dog, who simply knew things we could not see, its beauty is carried instinctually within us all and its burden is ours to carry so that it not be forgotten. The burden of keeping it is our joy, our survival, our revival, and our dream of always living our story and living it well.  Listen then to our story if you have been given ears to hear it.

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July 25, 2017
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