Indian Child Welfare Program

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Indian Child Welfare – Human Services Department

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To provide shelter for children who have been removed from their homes or parents due to neglect or abuse

Service Population: 

We can care for 7 children ages infant to 13 years of age.

Services Offered: 

We have a daily schedule we go by when a child is brought in by State, BIA or ICWA.  The child is give an admit bath, head check & change of clothes or pj’s depending on what time of day or night the child is brought in.  The children get 3 meals & 3 snacks daily.  They take noon naps, nightly baths.  Transportation to & from school.  The children are checked for bruises, bumps, cuts, scratches if anything is found & looks serious it is reported to the placing agency.


From January 2005 to February 2006 we’ve provided shelter for 186 children the main placing agency was state & a few ICWA clients our staff or 7 women are CPR & First Aid certified, have food handlers certificate, are presently taking CDA trainings though the Presentation College, we had the same 7 women working here at the shelter for the past year, we have 4 shifts and every one helps each other out when taking leave, another worker is willing to cover.


Working here at the shelter is a very stressful job but if you love children & love working with children you’ll be able to handle the job, this past year & previous years it’s mainly providing comfort for lonesome children and taking care of sick children.


Please let’s take better care of our children – we here at the shelter love children & taking care of them but these children would rather be in their own home’s with their parents & family than being here at the shelter.

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