Economic Development

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Planning Department

Number of employees:

6 (4 Planning, 2 TBIC)


Our vision is to improve the quality of life for all persons within the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation, two County Area. To increase economic opportunities by developing the physical business infrastructure and developing the natural resources, by expanding, developing and training the existing human resource pool.  By creating opportunities for individual entrepreneurship through capitalizing on new technologies and developing added value products for the existing agricultural economy.  To strive for economic Self-Sufficiency through joint efforts and cooperation between Tribal Government, the Reservation Communities, the Municipalities, and the County Governments within the two County Reservation areas.

  • Contracted line item administered by Tribal
  • Operating line items shared w/TBIC
  • Portion of TBIC Manager salary covered by Planning Dept.

Service Population:

The department provides service to all Tribal members and gives information to companies / organizations that are interested in working with the tribe.
Services Offered:
  • The Planning Department has been assisting Tribal Members, Tribal Programs and other interested individuals / and organizations with information on grant resources,  private foundations, grant application processes and referrals to other important resources that are available.
  • Also assist various consultants assigned by Tribal Council


The program oversees the CRST Bingo Hall Project budget, activity has been limited, but plans to initiate the construction process will begin soon.


The biggest challenge the program has faced this past year has been budget cuts and having a shared budget with another program. Having a shared budget limits the program to provide the adequate resources that are needed to assist other programs, individuals, etc.


The Planning Department will continue to research economic opportunities to improve the quality of life, business and the tribe as a whole.
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