Community Health Representative Program

Phone: (605) 964-8845/8846


Health Department      

Number of employees: 



“To help people to help themselves” through health education in health prevention disease prevention and intervention.

Service Population:

  • 1 CHR’s per 450 clients
  • 19 CHR’s x 450 clients = 8550
  • 18 Communities

Services Offered:

  1. Mainly transportation and delivering medication
  2. Home visits to provide intervention care with elderly, chronically ill, prenatal and provide emergency care.
  3. Perform small amount of health education in health promotion/disease prevention to the public.


17 CHR’s including staff received Basic CHR Training, four CHR’s without CHR Basic Training and tow (2) positions vacant.  Eight CHR’s have First Responder Training


No funding increase deny delivery of medication and transportation request to the People who have vehicles, it’s like a uphill battle the program still doing less home visits.


In order to keep the Community Health Representative Program, transporting and deliver of medication must be limited to elderly, handicapped, and prenatal without transportation.  However once this transit system is in operation then the CHR Program should not transport unless if it is an emergency.  The main reason, data collection is very important in disease prevention of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, obesity, and nutrition Government performance results act in statistics will be used to deliver the refund ability of the CHR Program in FY-200
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