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Contact: Jake Kraft
Hours: 8 am - 5 pm Mon - Fri
Services: Livestock Feed
Phone: (605) 865-3611
PO Box 71
Timberlake, South Dakota
Contact: Charlie Frost
Hours: Evening 5 pm - 8 pm
Services: Bird Houses, Planter, Benches
Phone: 605-964-4585 or 200-0767 (cell)
PO Box 398
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Contact: Nathan Mosher
Hours: 9 am- 5:30 pm, Mon. - Fri.; 10 am - 3 pm, Sat.; closed Sun
Services: tire service including new and used tires, tire mounting and balancing, minor mechanic service
Phone: 605-538-4482
Fax: 605-538-4313
PO Box 156
Cherry Creek, South Dakota
Contact: Ray Pysarsky
Hours: Open
Services: Archaeological consultation, compliance & Review Surveys
Phone: (605) 865-3357
PO Box 295
Timber Lake, South Dakota
Contact: Aldena Pretty Weasel
Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon.- Fri.
Services: serves reduced-priced lunches to elderly tribal members and handicapped persons. Cost $.75 for elderly (65 and up) and their spouce. $3.00 for youth. Delivery abailable to some outlying communities. Pick-up service available for handicap persons.
Phone: 605-965-8056
Fax: 605-964-8057
101 Lincoln E.
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Contact: Allen Ducheneaux
Hours: 8 am - 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
Services: Sells and delivers propane, serves locals and tourists, fills residential propane tanks, will refill 20 lb or larger clylinders, sells smaller cylinders
Phone: 605-964-3307
Fax: 605-964-1080
PO Box 810 / 311 S. Main St.
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Contact: LuAnne Bruguier, Manager
Hours: Front desk is always open, business office open 8 am- 5 pm, Mon. - Fri.
Services: motel with mail delivery to room, fac service, and a conference room, complimentary coffee and continental breakfast
Phone: (605) 964-8888
Fax: (605) 964-8880
PO Box 180 / S. Hwy 212
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Contact: Jerry Farlee
Services: buffalo tours, horseback riding, canoeing, buffal hunts, wildlife viewing
Phone: (605) 964-2333 or (605) 365-6599
PO Box 850
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Contact: Eileen Briggs, Executive Director
Services: provides financial and technical assistance to residents of the Cheyenne River Reservatin for the purpose of poverty reduction
Phone: 605-964-2016
Fax: 605-964-2017
PO Box 1683
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Contact: Jarde Blue Coat
Hours: 6 am - 6;30 pm, Mon. - Fri. (Summer hours)
Services: free weights, cardio machines, and stretch machines
Phone: 605-964-6190
Fax: 605-964-4190
Hwy 212
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Contact: Narcisse D. Rousseau, Director
Services: Manages all of the wildlife, fisheries, and recreational resources on all trust lands within the boundaries of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation
Phone: 605-964-7812
Fax: 605-964-7811
PO Box 590 / Hwy 212
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Contact: Robyn Dupree
Phone: 605-365-5181
Fax: 605-365-5181
PO Box 276
Dupree, SD 57623
Contact: Sheila Ganje
Phone: 605-964-8783
Fax: 605-694-8785
PO Box 150 209 Main St.
Eagle Butte, SD 57625
Contact: Rita Frank
Phone: 605-466-2177
Fax: 605-466-2177
PO Box 268 / 108 E. Kansas St.
Isabel, SD 57633
Contact: Grady Kraft
Phone: 605-865-3790
Fax: 605-865-3168
PO Box 431 / 700 Main St.
Timber Lake, SD 57656
Contact: Cody Eaton
Hours: Vary, call for information
Services: hot mix hauling, cattle, gravel.
Phone: 605-365-5347
PO Box 5
Dupree, SD 57623
Contact: Terry and Janet Collins
Hours: 9 am - 6 pm, Mon. - Sat.; closed on Sun.
Services: mechanic service, towing and welding
Phone: 605-964-6134 or 605-200-0365
PO Box 1244 / Towerhill Rd.
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Contact: John Linderman
Hours: 7am- 6pm Mon-Sat
Services: Groceries, Cards, Balloons
Phone: 605-865-3606
412 9th
Timber Lake, SD
Contact: Mona Thompson, General Manager
Services: telephone, internet, television, gas sales and service of individuals living on the Cheyenne River Reservation
Phone: 605-964-2600
Fax: 605-964-1000
PO Box 810
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
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