Armstrong County Gunnery Range Program

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Native American Lands Environmental Mitigation Program


Department of Environmental and Natural Resources

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To restore the former Gunnery   Range and it’s original state by such means as tree planting, native grass restoration etc.

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Armstrong County south east portion of the reservation

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We have done a number of assessments on the Gunnery Range,  including wildlife studies, biological studies, soils surveys, and stream classification and erosion control measures.  Tree planting plots have been done and we hope many future ones will be done also


Some program accomplishments over the last year include completing all the assessments needed for a PL-566 Watershed Grant through NRCS.  We are awaiting approval of this grant and this would greatly increase the amount of work we could do on the former Gunnery   Range.  We have also developed a blueprint for the establishment of the Tribal Nursery.


Challenges over the last year include a reduction in funding from the Department of Defense/Corps of Engineers and seeking alternative funding sources.


Preserving our tribe’s natural resources is our goal.
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